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How to make millions of Naira online free and easy


Today there are many ways you can do to earn money, of course, the right way. One way is through the internet, how to spread links to social media, forums, and blogs.
That way the link you spread will be a lot of clicks on people, the more links you click on the more money you get. In this case the media to be used is AdFly.
What is
Surely many of you see it on the internet website, you most often see it when you want to download a file. At that moment a bee image will appear on your screen. Well, that is
6 Ways to Make Money From AdFly: $20 Daily 2017 what is it and how to use it? is a site to shorten links and can also hide the original link. itself is very popular among bloggers or netizens. Through you can reap the benefits by simply changing web links, blogs, download links and the like.

The answer of course can. From the itself will give 5 USD-10,000 clicks.
You can imagine if you have a blog with 10,000 viewers who fitted, imagine how many dollars will go into your account. However, you can not just calm down, you have to work hard with a strong determination to gain an income.
Before you use of course you have to create an account first. Here’s how to create an account.
    1. Log in to the site
    2. Click Join Now
    3. Then the page will appear containing the data yourself that you have to fill
    4. If it is all filled, click Join
    5. Then from the will send a verification email via your email. Check your email and open an email from and click the verify button
    6. Your account can be used
Once you know what is and how to create an account, then you must be wondering how to get the money. Here’s a review of how to earn money through
    *. The first step you must login through account first, do not forget to prepare the link that will you spread on the blog.
    *. Enter your link in the fields provided, then click Shrink!
    *. Then will appear a shortened account, click paste and spread the link as much as possible on your blog.
If you have earned money from it is not possible to just leave it or not to use it. For withdrawal of money from can be done when the amount of income collected has reached at least 5 USD or more.
How to Start a Blog and Make Money From Blogging
If you have exceeded 5 USD, you are required to fill withdrawal information from Do not forget to select the payment method, itself has provided 3 methods of payment that is Paypal, Alertpay, Liberty Reserve.
You can choose which method you like. will automatically send payment every month.
Do you just believe that has already sent the money? Of course not, right? Then how to find out? Apparently there is evidence of payment issued from related parties.
You will receive an email from the selected method at the beginning, in which the email will show how much money sent to you via a particular method. Although it is not an email from, but it is official proof of payment.
In order to be more confident with the email terebut, try to enter the withdrawal page on your account. At withdrawal already listed that already send payment in your account.
It has been proven that has actually made the payment. You need to withdraw money in the form of cash through bank account.
Nothing is perfect in this world, nor is Of the many advantages provided by of course there are weaknesses owned by
The disadvantage is to make netizens bored and confused, get Bad Reputaion from Avast Anivirus Online Security, it is difficult to collect money if you do not have a blog download


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