Vera Sidika Hot Pictures vs Nicky minaj booty

                 Nicki and Vera
It’s Vera Sidika vs Nicki Minaj up in here! Vera Sidika Hot Pictures vs Nicky minaj booty

You think Nicki Minaj got booty?
Let’s show you some pictures of popular bootylicious Kenyan socialite, Vera Sidika that’ll give Nicki a run for her money.

Yeah… Nicki’s big and round

                  Nicki Minaj
Nicki Minaj’s got booty for days

But Vera has got a big one too

               Vera Sidika
Vera has booty for ages.

If not even bigger…

Vera Sidika
… and rounder.

And she keeps slaying in them jeans

Vera Sidika
How does she fit them in.

Bikinis have never looked any sexier

Vera Sidika
All I see is the glasses. Don’t know about you.

And with this

Vera Sidika
Her figure is flames!
Vera Sidika
Getting hearts beating faster than normal.

She’s surely got the guys on her side

Vera Sidika
Guys on different continents

When she stood on her whips, giving us glimpse of her bum

Vera Sidika
What a view.

Or filling gas

Vera Sidika
Cool kicks on her too, but that’s not the point.

Even when in her hotel room

Vera Sidika
Vera in camo makes many wish all soldiers are like her.

And when it’s twerk time?

Nicki Minaj
Not just Nicki

She’s killing it

Vera Sidika

Like steady killing it!

And in the ass game

Nicki Minaj
Vera Sidika
What a marvel.

Shout out to Vera Sidika!


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